Before leaving

Make no trackers at home and let your holiday home address behind:


Calle Rio Segura 10

03730 Javea / Xàbia


Calle Lago Garda 3

03730 Javea / Xàbia

Caretaker: Name, address and contact our concierge, who will receive the keys handed over and which introduces you to Casa Monica or Villa Nina, you will receive with your booking confirmation.

Tap water is not drinking water.

From drinking tap water, you will definitely not get sick, but the taste is not like you are used to at home. You can buy in the supermarket for a very reasonable price 5-liter and 8-liter bottles. Your coffee and tea taste better if they are made of water bottles.

Medicines. If you are taking medication, it is wise to carry a passport to travel medicine. You can pick up at your local pharmacy (also in English). Some medications such as sleeping pills, heavy pain medication, medication for ADHD or epilepsy may fall under the Spanish Opium Act. Will prompt you for this a special statement from the prescribing physician.

Mosquitoes are everywhere, including in Spain. Besides the usual mosquito has been in Spain also suffer from the tiger mosquito (mosquito tigre), a mosquito that is originally from Asia. The tiger mosquito is now also available in the Netherlands and Belgium, is characterized by regardless of the time (including daytime) people to attack and to provide them a painful mosquito bite. Please therefore a mosquito repellent that is DEET. Fortunately, the nuisance of mosquitoes in both houses very limited, but 100% free of mosquitoes we did not unfortunately.

If you have a navigation system with a European map (eg. TOMTOM), then take it with you when you travel to Spain. Should you rent a navigation system in the car rental, you then checks if it works before you leave your car. There are us already reported several cases of non-working systems.

TOMTOM address Villa Nina: Spain; Javea; Calle Lago Garda; No. 3.

You can also enter the coordinates: N 38.7444375 E 0.152015

TOMTOM Address Casa Monica: Spain; Javea; Carrer Rio Segura; n 14. Please note the house number 10 and the street is called in Spanish “Calle Rio Segura”, but some GPS systems you then bring to an address (flat) in the neighborhood. It also gives Google Earth, if you enter No 10, not exactly the right location.

You can also enter the coordinates: N 38.757360, E 0.166709

We wish you a safe journey and a very pleasant stay!